Octavia McClintic

Hello lovelies! My name is octavia & I love to write poetry & talk about beauty and self care! Please feel free to check out my posts every week! Remember, to love each other and yourself

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Great Destroyer
2 months ago
All the Giants in fairy tales who destroy buildings & castle Don't hold a candle to the destruction you've done to me To the annihilation you've done to my ability to feel to think and to live You've ...
The Evil Laugh
9 months ago
It the last thing you hear before and after death It's that terrifying Godforsaken sound that can easily snatch your breathe However there are the main few who can be susceptible to the sound It can m...
My Dead Lover
9 months ago
If there was ever a confusion between evil & good Ugly and beautiful Scoundrel and a gentleman Vagabond and a king Demon and angel You'd be the perfect example Your Hollow eyes are like the gatekeeper...
The Forest
9 months ago
The forest is a dark mistress. She is peaceful. Quiet with only the sounds of crickets, howling winds, and mysterious animal sounds. She is tranquility. She is a dark Heaven. Little do you know As the...