Nonnah Fain

My muse is mental health. I get a high off of writing. I write about everything, we are all walking stories.

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a month ago
I want my art to be on billboards, in magazines, inside homes. I want my neighbors to feel like they could draw the art they see as their own. How many more paintings, sketches, drawings, sculptures d...
2 months ago
I won't let the demon in me beat you to the ground but when you let me show my wings–the white ones I mean– I will not hold back the energy, the magnitude, or the will that those wings wish to–fly. "F...
Dear Miley
3 months ago
My body shivers, my vocals quake, I'm standing above my own desire. Nothing makes sense, my heart, it aches, what am I to do with all of this fire? You're not listening, you never do. What are you sup...
5 months ago
I'm sick and fucking tired of losing my mind, my friends, my money. Oh, honey, money isn't everything, but baby, it gets me somewhere it gets me a life it gets me a home it gets me food it's my ticket...
Saving Face
5 months ago
A woman should never give more than she needs especially when she takes less than she bleeds what was the wrong answer, the right one, the left so many voices, I'm stagnant, I'm deaf. When given a tas...
5 months ago
My pocket is screaming, it's loud enough for the ears of a mammoth to hear. My mind is dreaming, but my dreams are surrounded by a smoke that's always near. My heart is hurting, it hurts because it ne...