Noah Renee

I'm Noah and I am a poet. I write from life experiences so it's not the happiest but it is relatable to people. I just write to write, so it's my best. I get what I get.

Dark Abyss
a year ago
Once more darkness comes, Blowing out the flame that lights my way, Do I have a match left, Do I even have the strength to strike that match? Darkness didn’t just find me, It found another as well, Lu...
Help a Person Out
2 years ago
Spiraling, Secretly, The CIA would be impressed, Or is that how I see it, Is the black hole of my mind visible? So much so fast, I am starting to become unsteady, Things do not make sense, I need clar...
Where Does Life Lead
2 years ago
Life is not fair, It is frequently said, But aren’t there breaks, A moment when the rain stops and a rainbow shines? I need a rainbow, My body feels like it is giving out, Rejecting any help that it i...
2 years ago
Do they know? How could they possibly? I don’t even know, I just feel, And it is getting harder to hide, What am I to do? Smaller servings, But more comfort sweets, Hiding away, Isolating, Up half the...
Hiding from Life
2 years ago
Shh! I am hiding out, The bad can not find me if I disappear, Not even a whisper, No more talks of death, Animals whole and well, Pain is gone, The sick is healthy, The sad is happy, Because the bad c...
Unforgotten Memories
2 years ago
I remember you from years ago, A person among my childhood, As you faded your memories lingered, I always knew you’d mean something to me. I’m not sure where it went wrong, But in that same childhood ...