Noah Hagedorn

An avid artist who has a passion for all things nautical, wood, coffee, and music related.

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13 days ago
Love Love Let us love them where they are at. Not where we want them to be or where we think they should be But right now right with them where ever they are. Let us love them with all of our being no...
The Scars We Leave
a month ago
The world around us is constantly changing. Some of it is from within, some from humanity We constantly strive to have things our way, to be in control of the environment around us. This same lust for...
Jazzin’ in the Rain
a month ago
The music mixes with the rain drops as they fall The saxaphone doesn’t seem to mind, it keeps spitting out what it wants to say It will not be silenced by some power of nature, but it will keep playin...
500 Miles
a month ago
I love you So such powerful words that carry so much weight in this world. It’s like their sheer utterance have a physicsl weight that can be measured A statement so worthy of being looked out for tha...
a month ago
Death You can never plan for it, never expect it Death It comes at you like a freight train and just like that Death It’s all around us and is a part of us Death It waits for no one, it takes what it ...
Come Sail Away
a month ago
Come sail away Come sail away To a place where we can be Free We can let that sweet lake air Blow through our hair Trusting the wind to take us there. We'll be like the birds free in flight Letting th...