Nia Wheat

鈻柂鈻狝 Way of Expression. 鉁岎煆解柂鈻柂

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The Girl That Wanted Nothing
6 months ago
There was something about getting on a plane and just going that intrigued her so much. To just get up and get away from all her demons, everyone she knew, everyone she didn't know. She had rehearsed ...
Late Night Thoughts (Pt.2)
6 months ago
It is hard to say it but I want to stand in front of you. So close you can barely breathe. I want to take the breath out of you and store it in itself. I want to hear your breath and feel your body he...
Late Night Thoughts (Pt.1)
6 months ago
I tried. I sat in poisin for years and never asked why. The turning of my door knob while I'm asleep in my waves of dreamless dreams is a fear. You slid into my nights and psychological spectrums and ...
Here We Go Again
6 months ago
I didn't mean to fall for you, it kind of just happened. I'm sure you didn't mean to wreck me, it kind of just happened. We shared some good times though, didn't we? It wasn't all bad... Was it? ........
Society of Love
6 months ago
There was a time when all it was was a smile, a note, a letter, a glimpse across a room, an actual date, a thought, an actual intention to be someones love... Now, it is aggressive. Everyone is insecu...
The Runner
6 months ago
Here I am again... Using words that are quite mean (blunt). Gasping for my own sanity to come out. Wondering if my life will ever be my own... Trapped in my own skin. I just want to be my own person. ...