Neon Odyrah

..My thoughts driving me insane, till my pen drained them away..

Toxic City
9 days ago
I really don't know how I found myself here But I am more worried about why I can't leave As toxic as a German beer Drunk while driving through this pain to Oak creek I came here with so much hope And...
The African Woman
17 days ago
I am African, I am Woman Born into a system A system where boys were entitled to education And girls taught about the shape of the kitchen Boys encouraged to chase their dreams Girls taught how to fry...
17 days ago
It is Hard Maybe I am blowing it out of proportion Maybe I am not paying it enough attention Maybe my mental health is at risk but I am not taking it serious Maybe I am just creating this illusion Pai...
2 months ago
Tired, honestly I could repeat this again, I'm tired Tired of having to fake who I am Tired of trying to please those who I have around Tired of losing myself and talking about how everybody is fake T...
Skeletons (IL Primo)
2 months ago
What's up Addiction? How have you been? It's been a while, are you still living? Oh, I'm bere, waiting for your call Practising being clean? You'd soon give up Am a patient master of an entity In your...
Hold My Hand
2 months ago
Hold my hand I'm not reaching out because I'm fine I'm not reaching out because on my own I can stand I'm reaching out because I am still on that route I feel what you feel Maybe I don't, is the situa...