Neil Kelly

If you can't join 'em... Befriend the circus monkey 

An Unknown Age of Art
5 months ago
It must have been prideful, Opening shop in our little great city in an age of paper-filled knowledge. Standing stern yet existing only where the common street urchins do. Although you demanded, from ...
7 months ago
To fight this world yielding nought but our weapons paints a solemn picture for ones future Let go and release, A Certain feeling retains false imprisonment far beyond realities crude marshes. I won't...
Held On for Today
a year ago
At first a euphemism not left entirely in peace, Dancing in the midnight sweep the emotions of the damaged souls. Yet tattered lay the aspirations of that day When the occasion finally arrived, that o...
Yet to Overcome
a year ago
A trait once over bestowed, now stands deceived under the willow The air albeit sweet, sticks self-inflicted with doubt Yet until grace grievously shows promising trust, a death relived inside each gi...
Detrimental Positivity
a year ago
Tipped and misfigured are those pathetically perceived fallacies A facade of grace may yield the young philosopher but two outcomes, a content but idiotic view or a peacefully bliss but devastating id...
Ridged Cut Edge
a year ago
A refraction of light split into a surreal intensity paints a woeful image to the mentally powerless. Socially inept and internally damaged lay the gravestones of the cerebral cleansing to gather invo...