Natalie Simmons

I am Natalie Simmons.  I am 18, studying acting, and I spend some of my time writing monologues and slam poems. I have been wanting to post my writing online to see the response I get.  So here goes- 

2 years ago
Love. This word. Everyone wants it. One of the shortest words, most simple words, but means the absolute world to everyone on this god-dammed, sad planet. I thought he cared, I thought he “loved” me. ...
Money and Power
2 years ago
Money. Power. The people that lead us, the people that teach us, have no clue either. They tell us yes, they tell us no, but what the fuck do they show? We are lured into their power, brought up with ...
2 years ago
The clouds cover the sky like you cover your feelings, You do it so elegantly. Almost without meaning: For all I know. You're healing. You don't have to mask your stars, Yes they're already dead. But ...
2 years ago
Our dreams, my one true love. Whether they are spoken, or slept- they are sent from above. In our subconscious minds, what we desire- this is the one thing that ignites internal fire. Our dreams are b...