Natalie Marie Stefani-Rice

I believe in fairy tales with a twist. 

I always thought you would be a success. It’s imbedded in you. Release it. Mark A. Valdez

It's nice when you read something that actually paints a picture in your mind, more than words. Roxie Tate

Crystal Death
8 months ago
Tic. Tic. Her wall clock needs a battery. It's been 6:35 PM for about a week now. She sits rocking on her couch alone. Barefoot, in just her sweatshirt and panties. Sweat beads on her forehead. She ju...
The Road
9 months ago
He walks down the road. He tucks his head down to avoid the cold. He's on a mission. This we both know. To everyone else he's just a man that walks. He left her in the car. He should have left her sle...
Something So Simple as Time
9 months ago
It's something that the majority of people do not pay attention to. We pass each other on streets corners, at the grocery stores, taking the kids to school. Does anyone ever stop to think that simple ...
These Are the Hands I Hold
9 months ago
"Everyone rushes in here so damn fast." Jokingly I say to my husband, "they remind me of the horses at the gate at the Kentucky Derby." He smiles. It's dark outside. It's late. They try to beat each o...
Just a Few Minutes Sooner
9 months ago
I've been floating up here for over an hour. At first I was reading the doctor's lips. They found her frozen. That's crazy, I thought. I checked the floating me, I seemed okay. All my parts seemed to ...
Today They Took My Blue Away
9 months ago
They took you from me today. They stole my Blue. Placed me in this grey. All my colors have faded. I can't sleep. I can't function without you. Tossing and turning. My minds aflutter. These sheets are...