Natalie Marie Stefani-Rice

I believe in fairy tales with a twist. 

I always thought you would be a success. It’s imbedded in you. Release it. Mark A. Valdez

It's nice when you read something that actually paints a picture in your mind, more than words. Roxie Tate

Too Far from Home to Run
7 months ago
Too far from home to run. This Depression has me crippled. I can't move. Like a lucid dream; one from which I never awaken. My hands are tied. My knees are crushed. My legs are broken. Too far from ho...
7 months ago
I sit in silence, I sit in darkness. Like an musician tuning his guitar. Trying desperately to hear your voice. My eyes are wide, my interest piqued. You don't know I'm here. I crawl across the dingy ...
My Inner Child
8 months ago
I've been doing some reflecting, And my inner child is screaming like a bitch. What could you be mad about? I thought to myself. I said it out loud. To myself, about myself, by myself. Watching traffi...
8 months ago
I still think you're sexy Just so you know. I watch your muscles in the sun flex and tighten. My pussy tightens up. I feel myself drench. I squirt in my panties. The sweat runs slowly down your arms. ...
Dead and Gone
9 months ago
Rest in peace most people say, When they stand at your grave. I can't help but to snicker. My limp body laying in concrete and wicker. In this box that they've placed me Mahogany and satin embrace me....
Your Strength, My Courage
9 months ago
I watch you just sitting there, Empty now, too drained to care. With your head in your hands. With no ideas, no plans. No hopes. I want to scream at you to wake up. Stand up. Snap out if it. Get mad, ...