Natalie C..

I am a young writer who lets her creative flow through her writing. I tend to write on the darker side of topics because a lot of people don't. I have a darker imagination than most people. 

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Music of the Night
8 months ago
When the day grows dark, Animals of the night spring to life. The small town swept over by the power of the night. Peace wondering throughout, Going from one house to the next. As sleep fell upon them...
8 months ago
The day going by slow, The heart knowing the answer, The mind not wanting to believe. Having one more loss, Right before the blinking eye. The red puffy eyes, Wanting the news to be fake. Hoping the n...
8 months ago
Here comes the bride All dressed in white As beautiful as ever Made up for the day, The day that is special A day to always remember Remember till you die. A special moment to be shared Shared forever...