Nadia Khan

Poetry and Art Lover

Carefully Hidden Razors
11 days ago
In between of those boring classes Sits a quite girl all alone, With her books and nerdy glasses. She is in the midst of chaos and noise, Yet all she hears is silence, Silence that follows her in the ...
Inside the Chambers of Our Hearts
13 days ago
I love power rangers But this is something we should keep between ourselves The stupid theme song I sang shouldn’t leave the comfort of this room It should remain beneath the sheets of this bed No one...
When a Girl Tells You She Loves You
13 days ago
When a girl tells you she loves you It won’t be the first time you hear this You'll be surprised that it wasn’t over a text Instead it'll be on a little note attached to a bunch of roses that aren’t r...
The Joker
13 days ago
Your sense of your humour is getting to me It’s like you feed off of our laughter Like you can’t stand in a dull-dim room Your constant search for spotlight is getting to me It’s like you can’t blend ...