mx kade

20 year old agender queer, they/them pronouns, currently doing a degree in writing in British Columbia

2:40 AM - Betelgeuse
a month ago
You have 20 minutes to get away before they catch you. The rules say no running. You walk past a no smoking sign and the distinct smell of a cigarette clouds your eyes and lungs, and it’s your fault, ...
Time Lapse
a month ago
how many days have you watched the sun arc through your room restrained by your blinds tuning out the analog ticking positioned directly across from where you lie. do you remember how it feels to feel...
A Guide on How to Mildly Annoy Your Roommate
a month ago
you place a mint gently on my tongue, gas filling your brain and you blame my breath for the smell of the house. you've poisoned the mint, the one glued to my tongue. you watch as jellyfish replace my...
Panic: Unravelled
a month ago
I’d love to explain what happened but I’m in a ball at the end of my driveway and I’m shaking. I’m finding it hard to breathe because it’s only been 24 hours and bruises on my tits are finally forming...