All things dark and strange, the beauty of complexity, the isolation of integrity. Honest articulations on the perks and pitfalls of both. Keep your mind sharp and a sword to your heart.

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Nose Dive
8 months ago
It causes such dismay when I don’t portray the illusion, when I bring accuracy to the silent confusion I’m looked at like a brute who’s abusing. That’s a turning of the table. If I’m able to see throu...
Invisible Strings
8 months ago
Watching invisible strings controlling very visible things It has them dancing It has them diverting It has them hurting I can’t cut them for them and so they have me hurting too while I play pretend....
Steak Dinner
8 months ago
I ventured away from the pen and I won’t be doing that again. Slipped into the abyss watched a minds judgement collapsing I just sat there letting time do it's passing I knew watching the show why I k...
Invisible Road
9 months ago
He better not be gambling on a certainty as clever as he be, he’s not sharp enough to dance around the wreck to which she’s bound. She’s a ship sinker and he’s a deep not a quick thinker. His gambling...
Reuben Sandwich Luncheon
9 months ago
I couldn’t respect a word they said if I tried. Common concerns I continuously keep denied. I can’t even allow them grace for the fact that they tried. If that was trying, I can’t wait for dying. Thei...
Die Hard, Die Smart
9 months ago
I never once knew love But I had a lot of people lie to me about it in pretty details. I fueled my dreams of it on this and kept myself together through some odd weather. I sure wasn’t prepared for wh...