Morgan Sankofa


Identity: Queer Empath and HSP 

YouTube Channel: Morgan Sankofa

I am a gifted writer 

loves blackness


Alicia Garza

humble peaceful folks.

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Oh Where Do the Broken Promises Go?
2 months ago
One more time to feel that rushing blush. Tension crawls up your belly tickling a full body twitch. If one glance could make my words go mute a palm could make my eyes blurry Mist like the tears of th...
An Ode to February 2019
4 months ago
Maybe it was the way that you made me avoid her gaze This month of Sandra Bullock movies and snow days The trigger of the smile that once uplifted my soul We watched Adam L. bare his body and voice to...
7 months ago
Ready or not. Try and fail. Try and Fail. Never stop, endless battle. Like endless push to be seen, heard, understood. What? I do not understand your confusion. Why? Do you want to spread her legs ope...
20 I's
8 months ago
Is this all to my life? Tense pain, and anger boiling from not performing. They tell me to hold on, wait on it, everything will work out for my life. It gets to a point where I can't do it any longer....
8 months ago
Making yourself so appealing. You crave praise so much that you show your body. You know your strengths and others weak ways. You were the true heart slayer. You know what to say, but you care of your...
June Jordan - In Honor
8 months ago
Today is October 10, 2018 and I am reflecting a lot on legacy and about the surgery that I just underwent. It is a time when my family has wrapped their arms around me to support my healing, and I am ...