Morgan Sanfoka

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I am progressive, and willing to be bold with the keys <3

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June Jordan - In Honor
7 days ago
Today is October 10, 2018 and I am reflecting a lot on legacy and about the surgery that I just underwent. It is a time when my family has wrapped their arms around me to support my healing, and I am ...
Devoted Alone
2 months ago
Keeping the pace of an unspoken law. Who can you learn about romance from if not from your sweet heart doctor? She sees me with my chest wide open on the operating table. Smoothing my anxiety temporar...
Alone Together
2 months ago
Reading alone, sleeping alone, singing alone. Singing softly is soothing. Jazz in a book from Mrs. Morrison, and Jazz filling my ears from Mrs. Webster. The girl that I want to lie Next to me, is abse...