Monique Star

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I'm not the most sophisticated adult out there. I'm also not the best at communicating all the time, but I do try my best to get my thoughts out there into the world verbally or nonverbally.

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Ground Rules
5 months ago
You're not supposed to struggle. You're not supposed to cry. You're not supposed to disobey. Yes, you're different from others, Yes, your views are different from mine, But, you're only allowed to contain their rainbows And not the rain that coexists with them. You're not supposed to feel discomfort. You're not supposed to forget. You're not supposed to rebel. Yes, you can have emotions, Yes, you can be smart, Yes, you can have a great memory, But, you can't be comfortable toward those who aren'...
A.I. (Autistic Individual)
5 months ago
Everyone is different, But some of us have a common fear, That everyone else is a normal reindeer, And we're just Rudolph. I know how that feels. Some struggle with trust, Some have different sensorie...
5 months ago
If the world has color, People like me are paints and brushes. I'm far from the norm like it's Pluto. What is the name given to those people? Crazy. Why crazy? We're people. They just want to find a title Of all books that stand out in a shelf. Some have imaginary companions. Some are volcanoes erupting words and sounds. Some just use their eyes as telescopes. Being crazy doesn't mean being the offspring of Saden. In this lifelong math equation, people + crazy = people and people + crazy also = ...
Freedom to Choose
5 months ago
“Gender roles are the worst kind of bread” Heard about a new diner down the block. My son and I slash through crowds And find a small windowed booth Which seemed painted with coal Amongst groups of colorful groups of gemmed people. As we gaze at our menus, Our choices slice away my brain My son keeps scanning down, My ears and eyes scatter And come back with reports Of adults playing “second brain” By flowing spit rivers of He’ll have the G.I. Joe, extra Axe. She wants the Barbie ala princess. C...
Will You Accept?
5 months ago
No one's the same. No one knows everything. No one sees the world the same way. We're all different. But do a lot of people accept it? They should, but they won't. Some people go down a path, Of behav...
The Pain and Struggle Within
5 months ago
“Happy Little Pill” brings color to the skies of many. As an alien with less strength than the Man of Steel, And a zombie with the vision of the wrong corpse, Instead of the sight creating the path of magic, I see why Chris Daughtry says that good is as endangered as the bald eagle Which leads to the brief escapes Troye Sivan documents. I know that some are accidental paintings, I know some would question their purpose, However, they're unable to wash themselves away. They are marked with millio...