Monique Star

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I'm not the most sophisticated adult out there. I'm also not the best at communicating all the time, but I do try my best to get my thoughts out there into the world verbally or nonverbally.

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Protect the Bubble
5 months ago
Protect the bubble. The bubble mustn't explode. It can be strengthened by familiar patterns Or bumps in the road Made at your own leisure. Your concern isn't contagious. Others want to pop your bubble...
Unnecessary Fear
5 months ago
Word spread of hand held cannons Taking and wounding souls Making them known, but not as hoped. Word spread of a tsunami of tears Causing damaging fears. While thinking of entering a room with obese pictures, I worry that the story I view Will be of my life up till then. Precautions increase And I'm advised to reenact, in backwards motion, A dog facing downward. Incident causes mental accusation Toward the mastermind Adding more spice to a dish of stereotypes and panic Without proof, they say pe...
Depths of Black and White
5 months ago
Young Private has a heart of gold, Trying to find out why the world's so cold. Why both his folks are who-knows-where Even Uncle Nigel was barely even there. Helping others was his goal to achieve. To...
What You Wish to Say
5 months ago
What can you do? How can you decide the summary of your story? I can't struggle or I'm a rickety bridge. I can't loosen the grip or I'm stabbed by shouts. I get stabbed because people get mute When th...
The Return of the Revenge of a Black and White Dream
5 months ago
The battle is familiar and major, Yet extra ingredients were flung in the meal. T'is this same fight Trio of black and white soldiers Came up with preparations of force Molded with intellect And mashed with innocence. Only, I unintentionally leap in And my behavior is camouflaged When musical transformation's expected. The aquatic antagonist Now forms into A human Anna Tagonist. Separated from his/her temper, The soldiers and I are dragged In a large room and the path's a mystery. At a table, we...
The Blossoming Feeling
5 months ago
A feeling inside Blossoms like a rose You are uncertain of its appearance Due to the environment That wheels around it Or the mixed weather That pounds all over And either ladders it up Or tries to ri...