Monique Star

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I'm not the most sophisticated adult out there. I'm also not the best at communicating all the time, but I do try my best to get my thoughts out there into the world verbally or nonverbally.

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From Streets to Love
2 months ago
I spend my days wandering the area. Hunting for food Roaming for warmth I'm just reintroduced to my ancestors' ways. I sometimes notice some brethren With embraces and accessories clinging to them As ...
Let's Take a Vacation
2 months ago
Once, in Ohio, where we went, How amazing was the view, But when we went to an island nearby, It was serious déjà vu. We were there once, when I was young, I was not a master, With driving a golf cart...
Aspie and Fanguin
3 months ago
After a while, I get Gavin Degraw’s message Of being two souls in one. I sometimes feel like two different people: Good and evil Darkness and light Jedi and Sith Monique Star and Angela Bult, And now the page is turned To the Stewie-short story Of the soul who supports autism And the soul devoted to Penguins of Madagascar. I’m an obvious fanguin when the show is being supported, Yet, when I leap into the topic of autism, I go into metamorphosis And the butterfly feels more mature, Along with her...
3 months ago
You might not notice right away But we actually get enthusiastic And want to spread our enthusiasm My pulling up the curtain to show the source. We might not notice if you share it, But we're hoping you'd at least get it. With our enthusiasm as a coach, We have fueled our brains. From what some of us took note of, The smarter the person in a field, The more they're liked or respected. We want to expand the knowledge of others. We want to share our source of happiness. We want to bond. However, n...
United No Matter What
3 months ago
Are you a shrub or flora? Fruit or vegetation? Planned or wild? Regardless, roots will never change That we're all pieces of this chaparral That ceases to be bound by one label. As much as we're naturally drawn To the nice warmth and light that accepts us, It seems we're also drawn together By the cold from those who freeze plants into withering Or tear the poor souls from the ground up. We try to fertilize each other With discouragement of the actions committed And wishes on stars that another ...
What's Wrong With Me to You? (Song)
4 months ago
V1. As I wake up and prepare for the day I brace myself for the sunshine saying "hey hey hey", Then a force from the world drags me down From slurs and threats to banish from town Reminding me that li...