Monique Star

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I'm not the most sophisticated adult out there. I'm also not the best at communicating all the time, but I do try my best to get my thoughts out there into the world verbally or nonverbally.

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TV As My Home
2 months ago
My currently expanding home, Was always in the form of TV Cartoons bubbled me from the world's surroundings. I mockingjayed a movie in my bedroom at age 4 Until my dad slammed the brakes on it. At age...
Damsel Consumed By Distress
2 months ago
The more people I seek, The less visible I am. The louder I cry for help, The stronger the earplugs they put in That are produced by the brand "Denial." Their attempts to exorcise the demon Only tears...
Self-Exploring Shadow
2 months ago
There's a shadow with multiple battles. Among them was "What I Want vs What I'm Supposed to Want" He was shoved into the darkness By unempathized fears Inability to predict trust Disregarded numbness ...
Double Identity; Urges for Freedom
2 months ago
At first glance, Material such as Hannah Montana and Avatar Only quench the thirst for entertainment That expresses itself as boredom. Though, as a bit of my scrambled mind Cleans itself like people w...
Coming of Age of a TV Addict
2 months ago
Starting as a Mini Mo, The product of Philo Farnsworth's reproductive species Has been the sun to 9 branches of my eagerness, Expressed in forms of entertainment Shot out of this fizzed-out shaken can Of Monique Mountain Dew, Encouraging some to silence me And others to bestow laughter upon me. I was the caterpillar relying On Spongebob and Teletubbies To convince me innocence exists. Now, I'm nowhere close to a butterfly And hope overthinking ideas I bump into Become the creatures manifested by...
Map the Following Path
2 months ago
I walk down a dirt path. There are many options Some that are grassed, Some flowered, Some even defy nature. My best interest isn't to question them; Tis only to map them for future use. I stare at the paths and plot them down. As I look over the birthed writings and drawings, I feel something is missing. I look up again: The view gets fuzzy. I wasn't in need of glasses for them before. I strain my eyes and mind. Surely they'll be clearer than crystal again. Maybe I can fill in blanks. I attempt...