MJ Dunn

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Being You... Trying to Be Me
a month ago
Being you trying to be me is exhausting. Am I taller, stronger? I don't see that reflection. I only see you, trying to be me. And I can't compete. I'll lose that race, you're the best me, I can be. Th...
When I Thought I Could Read Minds
a month ago
Yesterday I realized that I'm kind of broken. Not damaged, but fractured and split into pieces. Like a computer desperately needing a disk defrag & cleanup, everything is there just really messed up a...
I Think... I Did That
a month ago
I'm 54 years old. Three kids, ages 15, 16, and 18. They are mean to me. They are entitled. I think... I did that. I am laying in bed thinking about the upcoming weekend. This weekend I'm going to pick...