Mistress B Delcox

Erotica author, BDSM lover, and poetry writer. I often to give advice to others regarding sex, bdsm, sex toys and relationships.

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Broken Fingers
3 months ago
Letter Hidden Away
3 months ago
LETTER HIDDEN AWAY Ink in pen I begin the flood My hand writes the words I need to say Every detail now laid bare So you know how you left me in despair I explain why I'm hiding away Why I no longer w...
Broken Betrayal
9 months ago
He pulled me apart Ripping me to shreds watching me in pain He told me that I am broken He fooled me once and I forgave him He left me with a broken heart He fooled me twice and I forgave him His acti...
Destroyed Soul
9 months ago
Scoop me up and take me away, run and don't let me stay A path of destruction left behind me, fires, fights and painful souls Take me away, and run so fast, I don't want to see the devastation left on...
Bad Love
9 months ago
Tiny and broke, wide eyes looking out The bad love present as I sit down Fluttering heart ready to fly away Soul in hiding, not wanting to stay So tiny and small, so broken and weak You are sat lookin...
Opened Bottle
9 months ago
Half empty bottle and a cigarette I slur my words, my legs unable to go forward Body swaying from side to side I start to shout throwing my hands about Hitting and kicking throwing everything I pass o...