Miss Riddle

Wordsmith/Poet ~ Alchemist ~ Philosopher ~ High Maintenance Hippie ~ Modern Day Shaman ~ Theologian
Stand Up
6 months ago
Synonyms take the place of what the disaster of the word alone stands for. All negative conjunctions towards each other interfere with the slow climb up the stairway to gold. A state of mind no more r...
Blue Bird
2 years ago
As the big blue bird watches from its branches within the tree, the sunset denotes an ending of time. An ending of the sun shining, casting light through the dark... only to be engulfed into the leave...
2 years ago
Prisms glisten with the new hue of integrity, capturing compliances ferocious mannerism. Totality gleams with wide eyed teeth. The warrior that looks within glares back, condemning perseverance into t...
I Am
2 years ago
I am only because I once was The night once the day, swallowing purity to the dark For to have lived each branch You must have felt every leaf Every drop of rain, every sprouting seed I am strong beca...
2 years ago
In a single breath, my entire opinion of you changed, marking the before and after in my choices. People talk, and you forgot they always have loud voices. Complying with popular opinion has always be...
Refuted Reasoning
2 years ago
I once was called one of God's favourite children Lighting up an influence of energy within my cut and bruised skin Looking within bringing the reign and fight back to the surface of the battle ground...