Miss Mariah

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a month ago
"Just try to be more positive" "Start a routine" "Make goals" "Go to your happy place" Yeah... I mean if only it were that easy I'm not sure a happy place exists in my mind Though I do cherish the not...
Drawing a Map
2 months ago
We all go to this place in our mind This place where no one else can go Because you're the only one who can see it & all you can do is try your best to describe what's inside But it never really paint...
A Drink a Day
2 months ago
I've never been that girl Or at least I didn't used to be... But lately it feels needed Maybe it's some inner most feeling That I've been suppressing I'm really not too sure Like a therapist once told...
Half Full
2 months ago
I feel like my days are yo-yoing From good to bad Content to wtf Certain to conflicted I can`t seem to find stability Nothing is structurally sound The hours are running together But then the minutes ...
Thank You, Anxiety
7 months ago
Thank you anxiety For always making me think things are harder than they really are & a sense of accomplishment is always out of my reach For turning situations into a living hell & twisting words in ...
a year ago
It was never subtle In others it only ever seemed like ripples That never really caused much damage For me It came in tidal waves Waves of anger, that rushed through me Waves of sadness, that washed o...