Miss Mariah

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Rain Rain
2 months ago
I wish I could remember What filled my mind before you were there Because you just keep playing in it Like a broken record My heart keeps asking about you But I just don`t know what to say You`re writ...
Stay Up Late
2 months ago
Stay up late Wake up early Put on mask I push through Hold it in Till I can`t Late at night Pour a drink Light a cigarette Find a distraction Will it work Oh please work Silence so loud I feel surroun...
4 months ago
I'm craving you Like an uncontrollable addiction It fucks me up Chasing that high I want feel as your heart slowly beats faster Your touch like electricity Heat of your breath The weight of your gaze ...
Good Morning
4 months ago
Waking up tired Dragging through the day My search for happiness Has lead to some sleepless nights I'm not even really sure What I'm looking for Or where I should look What is the color of love? What ...
Thank You
4 months ago
I must say I did not see you coming But suddenly there you were And I felt kinda like a deer in headlights You made me smile, caused my heart to race Compared to those around me You were a breath of f...
6 months ago
"Just try to be more positive" "Start a routine" "Make goals" "Go to your happy place" Yeah... I mean if only it were that easy I'm not sure a happy place exists in my mind Though I do cherish the not...