Miquela Wallace

Writing, to me is how I deal with the heavy things that weigh on my heart. I am a spiritual and environmental empath. Sand cloud ambassador  #savethefishies 

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Stuck Inside My Shell
5 months ago
There once was a time when I could swim freely in the crystal clear waters. I did not have to worry like I do now. I remember, enjoying my days, around brightly colored coral reefs. Thriving in the co...
A Mother's Love
5 months ago
The day you were born, you shook the earth. The moment, I saw you my eyes lit up with joy. I know from that moment, I'd do anything to keep you safe. I loved teaching you the ways of our kind. I loved...
The Last of My Kind
5 months ago
Imagine a world, of lush gardens. Bright Green ferns overlaying beautiful pristine waters. Flowers of every hue, bowing in worship to the sun. Breathe in the fresh scent of nature. Sweet honeysuckle a...
Where Were You?
2 years ago
I am that still small voice, Barely audible beneath the rushing waves that cloud your mind. I am the desperate chameleon. Constantly changing myself to adapt to my surroundings. I am the wide eyed owl...