Milica Markovic

Smithering words is the..well, word. Bringing you arts and entertainment galore! (With the occasional dabble in other genres)

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Breathing in Divinity
2 months ago
What had birthed your divinity, The same divinity that illuminates even the darkest of paths? I simply cannot put your brilliance into words, Nor in any unit of measurement known to us. ~ Your feature...
October's Brilliance
2 months ago
Summer’s showers have passed I feel that fresh sign of autumn Blooming within me The equinox had done its deed. ~ When I greeted the new day, Feeling the rush of the wind, I could not wait to dance Tw...
Moon Gazing
2 months ago
Why do I love the moon so? Well, my friend, she eases the racing mind And calms the adrenaline of the beating heart Opening the way to great reflection in absolute serenity. ~ She engulfs us in her my...