Migdalia Torres

I am a New Indie Author/Songwriter/Poet

What Am I?
a month ago
Sometimes I wonder I can not find the answer Actually, I do not know I'm in love with an Impossible Love Because he is married just like me In case it is a Sin Forgive me Lord or take my Life If this ...
My Cowardness
a month ago
I have no right to anything What else can I say? If I did not have initiatives to get Love What I loved and what I did was that I lost it Today I am sorry to see how it turned off I can not blame anyo...
Snake Eyes
a month ago
I feel Sad; I'm embittered in every way My heart does not feel the joy that you gave me from yesterday The man that I loved with all my Soul With my Best Friend, I was Betrayed Today I have no Peace o...
An Asylum Wall's Cry
a month ago
I'm tied down by Feet and Hands, I cannot breathe, I'm drowning in a pool of Tears Help me live for something I beg! Get me out of this Asylum Walls; please do something for me not to fall deeper in t...
I Am Looking for a Perfect Love
a month ago
I am looking for a Perfect Love That is not Selfish Who will give me their Undivided Attention with Love and Understanding That when my significant other looks at me I see a Smile and a Tender Loving ...
As I Could Recall
a month ago
Today as I could recall the Grapevine Tree was getting long An orchard of Sour Grapes to remember how you made me feel depreciated and insignificant A Grape Vine of Sour Grapes I cannot forget what yo...