Michele Hastings

I never created this to make money, just to write like I do everyday and hope that someone enjoys it! 

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8 months ago
One girl, alone, cannot change the world. She cannot re-shape society's norms and standards. She needs help, so why do females love to hate other females? There is no reason for this when we are in a ...
Mentally Ill
8 months ago
"Do you have a mental illness?" Honestly, where do I begin? Thinking of this topic makes my head spin and spin. I want nothing but to down an entire bottle of gin. "How does that make you feel?" Are y...
Why High?
8 months ago
Get high to drown out all your lows. Get uppers to make up for all the downs. Get downers when you're too manic to sleep. Get high... high just to feel something. A pill to swallow to take on the day....
8 months ago
Hold your applause for society has no laws, Even the prettiest flowers have flaws. Some displayed beautifully while others painted into its inner walls, sometimes it's our secrets that truly define us...
I Will Never Be Thin
8 months ago
I have always wondered what it must be like to be skinny. My mind constantly wonders about what it might be like if I did not despise my reflection. I cannot help but wishing I was someone else, someo...
All for One and One for All
8 months ago
Why was I raised to believe that my skin color defines me? Why was I raised to believe in stereotypes? Why was the first word from my culture that I used, a racial slur? Why has my culture made me bel...