Michaela La Brie

I love taking photos, I love hanging out with my family and friends. I care about my family and friends.

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7 months ago
You will fight with them no matter what age you are, You will love them no matter what. They are the ones that will always be there for you, You will play tricks on each other starting at a young age....
8 months ago
Sisters are like best friends, They also hate each other at some points. They will fight over and over again, But they will always love each other in the end. Sometimes sisters don’t even have to be b...
10 months ago
There are longs days, Which then turn into long weeks, Which then turn into long months. When it finally turns into long months, Depending on your situation when it is turn into long months, It is har...
a year ago
Death can be hard, Even if it's someone you know and love. It feels like there is something missing, You have that feeling every single day even if it's small. I know the feeling from experience, It's...
Physical Looks
a year ago
It shouldn’t matter how you look, You should love the way you look, You shouldn’t care if people judge you. If you are heavy, a little heavy or anything close to that, You need to love yourself withou...
a year ago
They are supposed to love you and support you, They are supposed to be the ones the love you no matter what. They are supposed to not cheat on you, They are supposed to be there for you when you need ...