Michael Grube

I am 32 years old, an Army veteran, and soon to be divorced. I have been writing since i was young and have always been told that I have a knack for it. I've tried my hand at a few novel attempts; my heart lies within poetry and journalism.

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The Reason We Exist
3 months ago
Do you ever wonder why you exist? Am I the only one that thinks like this; Are the questions I ask answered, already? Is there some magic out there that Can show me why I feel this way? All my senses ...
Blighted Angel
3 months ago
With golden-hearted intent, I descend upon mankind. White wings unfurled; kindness shining forth! Ready to ease the pain and loose the bonds; To set sail on a journey from Gentleness's port. I find th...
The Wondrous Glory of the One Winged Angel
4 months ago
Fallen from grace for the sins of man, This angel defied all heavenly plan. Cursed, forever, to walk the earth; Never to return to her place of birth. Wondering why things happened to be The way they ...
The Consistent Pursuit of Truth
5 months ago
Throughout your time upon this Earth, To time of death from beginning of birth. There are things that must be known; There are things that must be shown. The test of life is the search for truth, With...
Willingly Preyed Upon
6 months ago
As I gaze into the eyes of the one I chose to spend my life with, A feeling so fine, overtakes me. A lioness at heart, she preys, On my very soul with sweet seduction. As I feel her presence around me...
6 months ago
The darkest night has been told, Is just before the dawn. A story as time itself is old; When new love and life are born, The joy and laughter shared by all. Warms the heart and the soul. Days are sun...