Michael Gallegos

Hi, I'm a multimedia artist. Writing is one of my interests. Hope to enlighten, inspire, and at least entertain.

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I Am That I Am
2 years ago
I AM THAT I AM I am that I am, I am all that I've been, That's all I can say, about all that I am A man by the name of Descartes said, 'I think therefore I am' A man by the name of Darwin said, 'Only ...
Stars Twinkling Light
2 years ago
Star light, Twinkle with delight, Flashing only to sight, Burning bright of right. Flash oh due to sky, A shelter honed of disguise, Made of weight, And station right. Still seen in respite, There in ...
To Love Poetry
2 years ago
If you're the kind of person who wants the meat, and no wait. Then poetry gives that gait. Yeah, it's a metaphor and simile trite, But, when is reason so contrite. One struggles through purpose fair, ...
Ode To Charlotte NC
2 years ago
Oh, fair city With a day flourishing so, But born to a region torn. Of Divisions to federate means. The difference between, Human rights, And supreme regime, The difference is plain. What did reign? A...
2 years ago
This is a moment, If even that. A fragment, of mind lapsing. It's inspiration, If even that. An epiphany, That has collapsed. Or, perhaps, Something referred, But got deterred. Mental track derailed. ...
A Writer's Prayer
2 years ago
Praise be the word, Its kingdom reigns, Such sovereignty, Gives meaning plain. Hallowed be its refrain. To bring understanding So eloquently shared. Giving existence name. Blessed be the speech, Bless...