Melynie Ferrari

I'm an avid reader and writer. I enjoy writing poetry about the natural world.

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Spring Peepers
8 months ago
Their voices bounced back and forth amongst the birches. The swampy water sucked my feet into a silty stew. I waded through the water waiting to hear their chanting cease. The end was near but not nea...
To Forget
8 months ago
I think about you often I wish that you were here. I keep reliving memories in fear that they will disappear. I tell myself that maybe, maybe with some time your face will dissipate and become lost in...
To Love This Mere Girl
8 months ago
I swear she had these dancing eyes that preyed upon me every waking moment. Forever moving yet trapped in a cranial prison. She lived in a house made of sand it would vanish in the tide and reappear a...