Melina Smith

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Time and Space
10 months ago
it's 1:17 and there's a calming sense of serenity as the rain pitter patters down my window i hear a crack of lightning and i can't help but think about how you need space when i think about you i thi...
10 months ago
i don't know who i am or who i want to be i want to be a good person for most i think that comes naturally i don't know what i'm doing wrong i don't know why i can't feel anything i'd like to think th...
Silly Girl
10 months ago
funny girl he said i was a funny girl pretty funny girl his eyes he had big brown eyes deep brown eyes musical he sang show tunes he was good natural he read whitman even called him walt secret he kep...
Is it Love?
10 months ago
“is it love?” your mother asks you as you dance around the kitchen beaming as bright as the moon “or is it just to have someone?” your mother asks you as you cry to him over the phone hiding away in y...