Mel E. Furnish

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I am a self-published author, raised in a small town on a family farm in Indiana. I

 have published a handful of books so far, and I have plans for many more! Interested in more? Check out my website! *

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5 months ago
Ever get hit with surrealness? Makes you feel like you've lived, Like you've already seen this. Sometimes a word, Sometimes an inside joke or phrase. Sometimes appearance stirred, Sometimes an express...
Unstable to Unstoppable
a year ago
Alone in the dark I thought I was okay They said a pet would help, it's hiding too. I toss and turn. Sleep eludes me, Leaving me behind to face the terrors. I am doing better, I am Yet, sometimes when I’m alone, I close my eyes, and suddenly I’m not. My walls start closing in. I see a face staring at me from within the darkness. I roll over, huddled in my blanket. I squeeze my eyes shut, praying. The nightmares return. I open my eyes, All my mistakes, regrets, and demons, Tower over me in the sh...