Megan Merrill

Newlywed, teacher, dog mom, writer.


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2 months ago
His piercing eyes startled me as I glanced up and caught his stare. Was he staring at me? I quickly snapped my head around but there was nothing but a rush of people behind me. I slowly looked back at...
If I Were in Charge of the World
2 months ago
If I were in charge of the world I'd cancel snow that fell upon anything but mountains, Sleepless nights lain awake in frustration, The need to get ready; you'd be ready at all times. And also water a...
The Quest of a Young Boy
2 months ago
The day was excruciatingly hot. The blistering sun set high in the cloudless sky beat down without mercy upon his back. The insects' loud continuous hum floated on the warm, dry air. He looked down at...
2 months ago
Silence screams at me from every corner of the room. It numbs my mind and blocks all senses. The ringing in my ears reverberates through my body. How long have I been here, alone? It's been so long I'...
2 months ago
My buzzing alarm clock blares, disrupting peaceful misty dreams once again. I snap my arm up and out from underneath the fluffy sea of sheets and shut it off before its shrieking can deafen me. As I l...
A Sense of Happiness
2 months ago
Happiness is the sight of an auburn mountain top, covered with feathery white snow. Glistening brilliantly as it reflects the gold rays of the warm sun. Happiness is the feeling of silky soft puppy fu...