MCBerthaG Divinity

BFA in modern dance performance from CSU Long Beach. 30 year master Pilates instructor. Writer, rhymer, choreographer, dog lover,  with an undying faith.

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The Communicator
a year ago
I am the communicator the annillator the instigator the revelator the hatred hater the mediator the see ya later the castrater the love maker the risk taker the outbreaker the non faker the milk shake...
Real Bitch vs. Fake Bitch
a year ago
It pisses me off to know you think you're better than me you think you know me, but I know it's plain to see you're a fake bitch who wishes they could be a real bitch like me you wish you had the ball...
The Truth
a year ago
The truth will never die but a lie will find it's demise no matter when life ends it will hide among the wise evilution sheds it's skin and slithers up your thighs into that warm place of sin and wait...
a year ago
It sucks being so misunderstood At times there are things I wish I would Have done differently and maybe you should Have taken me seriously when I was in the hood This lonely life has taken my very la...
What Am I
a year ago
I am not going to pretend I know what I'm doing cuz I don't I am not going to listen to the words that you're spewing I just won't are you shocked that I am staring into space rather than looking in y...