MCBerthaG Divinity

BFA in modern dance performance from CSU Long Beach. 30 year master Pilates instructor. Writer, rhymer, choreographer, dog lover,  with an undying faith.

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This Flows for You
9 months ago
i am on the brink of determination I know what it means to breed creation When I shoved my hand down your throat Did you feel my passion And pulled out the pills that you choked Sayin this ain't Happe...
Waxing Poetically
9 months ago
sometimes it seems to be that everyone turns against me I don't know why I just sigh and continue waxing poetically I can't keep things in and I don't have to sin I sit and observe and gasp at the ner...
Bertha G Has Gone to Sleep
9 months ago
Bertha G has gone to sleep she has gone to rest she needs time to weep she has done her best now it's time to keep her promises unless she is just counting sheep and waiting for this mess to reveal th...
9 months ago
Hey it's me, it's Bertha G I just wanted to tell you what will be will be don't fret or ponder on anything really cuz life is to short for us to see clearly that's why we shouldn't judge others on wha...
Don't Push Me
9 months ago
Don't push me cuz I'll go I don't have time to waste I just want you to know I'm not fine always sitting here all alone I've got pride and it takes me to another home where I'm fine and there is no ne...
Paging Bertha G!
9 months ago
Paging Bertha Gangsta! Are you there?! Bertha G where you be? it's me... your prodigy They will kill me before they see what they are doing to me from the inside out without a doubt my heart will give...