Maurice Bernier

I am a diehard New Yorker! I was born, raised and love my NYC. My blood bleeds orange & blue for my New York Mets. I hope that you like my work. I am cranking them out as fast as I can. Please enjoy & share with your friends.

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Four Years Ago...January 10, 2015
6 months ago
Mom, it was four years ago today when I woke up and you didn’t. It was four years ago today when I realized that my pain had deepened. Yes, it was four years ago that I realized what had finally happe...
I So Hate This World!
a year ago
I so hate this very world. I have many reasons why. I so hate this very world. I sometimes wish it would die. I hate the things that are wrong with it. There is stuff that shouldn't be. Has anyone eve...
2 years ago
Luanne, what can I ever say? Let me tell you that I love you I always wanted to tell you. So, let me start today. You were and still are the only joy, The happiness in my life. The only and biggest re...
T'was the Night of Our Dinner
2 years ago
(Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore- 1779–1863) T’was the night of our dinner And all through our house Not a creature was edible. Not even a mouse. The plates were stacked in the cabinet And the fridg...