Matthew Mikituk

Good day everyone. We all have a story to share. Some of us keep to ourselves. I had kept to myself for a long time. Now is my time to share. I am an intuitive poet, a thinker,doer, father, husband and son. Enjoying Metaphysics, and stuff.

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My Living Hell
7 days ago
The needle punctured my fleshy bruised skin, Another missed vein a source of my agony. Tried yet again and connected for the win, My perception of now a slow dying reality. The warmth of a cocktail co...
8 days ago
Sitting on a park bench contemplating the evils that are done I wearily hold my thought filled head in a dominant gaze above The starry night skies and moon filled backdrop had just begun The constell...
Social Anxiety
10 days ago
Red faced and flabbergasted kick start my attack Awkward words and muscle spasms is how it begins Twitching and stammering for self control I'm at a loss for words Anxiety hits high and fractures my w...
Never Ending
11 days ago
Holy Killers of the faith Descendants of times long ago Rape the minds of a weakened soul. Filling the mind with a poisoned wraith. Templars and Visionaries armed with Light Enter this war with true v...
A Phoenix Will Rise
12 days ago
Unlike a perfect storm with precise disaster Notre Dame's Cathedral was demised by fire Yes there was social media induced laughter This is our societal views and how they inspire Turning the cheek as...
Getting to Know My Android
12 days ago
Getting to know my Android The journey began and quickly continues As fast as my thoughts begin to travel My Android is always a step ahead When loading a random app or game My attention drifts to a n...