Matthew Mikituk

Good day everyone. We all have a story to share. Some of us keep to ourselves. I enjoy poetry and  holistic healing. If you like my poems / reviews and would like to leave  a tip towards my Reiki Courses that will be forever appreciated. 

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Delusional Disorder (1000110001)
24 days ago
The busy workings of a humans intellect The combined beliefs of pyramidic prime Easily allow the elitist primes to deflect The bottom scale of pyramidic to climb Always one wonders why history repeat ...
Drug Rehabilitation
a month ago
I've got cocaine in my beard snorting from my truck Tennessee Mash wallowing on my breath I'm so bloody high I just don't give a fuck Keeping this train rolling could mean my death. Snorting up again ...
Mental State of Confusion
a month ago
This is an intuitive poem that came to me and was written in about 15 minutes. I do not endorse, recommend, or dispute these ideas. This is merely a form of art as I see it. Interpretation is upon the...
Building a Wall and Not a Bridge
2 months ago
Long time ago a tale was told Upon a big wall a life would unfold A giant he be with political backing Yet to most of crowd a brain he was lacking You see the tale starts like this A fall from.a wall ...
Utopian Dream
2 months ago
Within a symmetrical society of design Lines and colors all align Moon windows allow the sun to shine Walls of green Ivy vertically entwined All shapes and textures defined in light Moon windows casca...
Killing the Beast
2 months ago
Cancer be the toxic beast that slay humans into waste Apparently acidic bodies be the fuel That cancer likes to taste Supposedly alkaline bodies can win the duel Myself I had lost many friends and fam...