Matthew Martin

An interpreter of life.

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6 days ago
Fate is not real. People like to talk about fate As this path created by some all-powerful being That leads us on this perfect journey That isn't always good, But the bad's are lessons, The struggles ...
Dear Loners,
14 days ago
Dear loners, I see you in the back. That's right. Trying to hide behind your book Or Nintendo DS, With a hoodie over your head. It's okay. It's okay to enjoy alone time. But I know you don't always li...
The Clock
21 days ago
The moment you're born, The Clock begins to tick. You have a set time. When you live, When you die. The clock is ticking. You have this life, You have these choices, You have these opportunities. The ...
Mark on a Test
a month ago
I had a friend, Who wasn't so good at math. And when they got a test back That didn't go so well, They would say, "I'm so dumb." The first couple of times, I shrugged it off, Until eventually, I reali...
A Weapon
a month ago
I possess a weapon. That's right. You read that correctly. I have a weapon. It's perfectly legal, Yet it's more powerful Than any blade you can sharpen, Any gun you can load, Any bomb you can drop And...