Matthew Martin

Interpreter of life.

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The Door
5 months ago
I walk Towards this door. I don’t know What’s behind it. There could be Darkness Behind this door, But there could also be Light. I have my hand Shaking On the knob. I know Once I walk through this door, There is no turning around, There is no going back. I hope There’s light Behind this door, I see Some light Peaking Underneath the door. I pray That I do not trip Over obstacles in the dark Like my fallen comrades, But I know This decision Is made off of Passion, Happiness, Hope. I trust My inst...
5 months ago
My dream is To be happy. There are many things That could happen In order to make me happy. Many Parts of my life That could come together. Many People I could know. Many Things I could do. Many Place...
Still Darkness
5 months ago
Light. We seem to strive for it In every aspect of our lives. We use a flashlight when the power's out. We put on a lamp to read. We turn headlights on to avoid a crash. The purpose of light, In many of our eyes, Is to fight back darkness. We have this Instinct To eliminate darkness, That it is inherently evil, And should never be present. But let me ask you this: Do you sleep with all the lights on? Have you never watched the night sky? When you were a child, Or even as an adult, Did you ever m...
5 months ago
Sometimes, You must treat your problems Like a stream of water. You can feel the water Pass through Your fingers. Some drops may linger, But never forever. Sometimes, The stream is a little heavier, A little faster. Sometimes, The stream is a little lighter, A little slower. Sometimes, It feels like a tsunami, Sometimes, It feels like a few drops. This ebb and flows With the H2O, You are not in control Of the stream, If you try to plug the hole, And bottle it all up, You'll eventually burst, And...
Forbidden Words
6 months ago
Me. We. "We can discuss anything." Anything. That word May appear To be hard as Steel, But with the right words, It can shatter as Glass. There are just some truths, As youth, Or even beyond, That you will not be fond Of letting seep into your brain, Some facts That won't keep the word Anything Intact, Some feelings That will go stealing Your smile, Replace it with something vile, Awkwardness, Sadness, Anger, Only a few of the many in the chamber, So don't use the word, As solid as you think it ...
Not Superman
6 months ago
Newsflash: You're not Superman. I know, You wanna help people. You wanna be sure that They don't feel the same pain That you do. You want their pain To just go with the rain, But it'll drive you insane. You'll work your heart out So tears don't have to spout Onto their cheeks, But what you seek Will drain your soul, Keep it from being full, This noble cause Will put a pause On your growth, And you can't take that oath, Because you can't do both. As much as you try, You'll eventually wanna pry Yo...