Matthew Martin

Interpreter of life.

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'Till You Pick Up the Mic
8 days ago
I had a dream. On its own, insignificant, With context, it's magnificent. In a lonely time, When most didn't feel fine, My back in pain, My head, the same, I closed my eyes, And to reality, I said goo...
Let Me Be Me
15 days ago
I am me. I am not who you may want me to be. I am not just what you see, No, I am free, No, I will not take a knee, I won't just agree While you sip your tea And chop down trees Without hearing the pl...
The Blank Page
23 days ago
Every writer Knows how haunting The blank page is. The white, Blank, Empty paper. It thirsts for your creativity, It's hungry for your ideas, It awaits your talent To be written on it. The greatest ar...
a month ago
Dear People, It's time to chat. We need to talk, Right here, Right now. Why are we so opposed to division, Yet somehow still divide each other into categories in the same breath? Black, White, Gay, St...
Failure Is Not the End
a month ago
Life has a lot of hurdles. It has so many, They'll make you wanna curdle into a ball, if any, They'll send you to the darkest pits, They'll make you go through the biggest fits, They'll throw you thro...
When I Close My Eyes
a month ago
When I close my eyes, And focus on my breath, I don't see What you would traditionally expect to see. I don't see peace. I don't see harmony. I don't see stability. All I see is myself. My mind, In my...