Matthew F. Blowers III

About Me :

White House Artist, Actor, Sculptor, Teacher, Singer, Songwriter and Poet with over 850 songs , over 2 and a half million hits and 4,000 poems so far.

I do voiceovers for T.V. and radio commercials and theatre as well

Timeless Thoughts
8 months ago
Just imagine if man had never instituted the burden of time. way back when Sundials and hourglasses dictated slave labor. We would have no schedules, no rush hours, no deadlines, one would work till t...
In Memory of the Fallen at Sandy Hook
8 months ago
In Memory Of The Fallen At Sandy Hook. Butchers Among Us...Worst Case Scenario When that window crashed, confusion flashed in the eyes of teachers stunned till true understanding gripped them as they ...
Innocence Undefiled
8 months ago
I remember Christmas Eves as the most sleepless night I ever knew when I was just a child. filled with sweet anticipation of my presents packed in Santa’s sleigh brought my biggest smiles Listening fo...
I Am A Bullet.
8 months ago
The travels and travails of one bullet.