Mark lewis

I'm a published indie author from New Jersey who loves to read and write. I have a children's book called new friend found that was published in 2013 available in physical and ebook format find me on Twitter @bitwima

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Portrait of a Killer
10 months ago
With the slit of a throat and slash of a knife he'd always hope you'd choke tonight, but now he finds that you won't die until next time thus he tries a different way each time hoping against hope tha...
Your Love Is a Lie
10 months ago
Your love is a lie Love and honor thy mother thy father that is what we are taught, but I fear because we have fought that thy love is lost no it isn’t forgotten or misplaced I just feel disgraced by ...
Know Hope
10 months ago
I've thought about it once or twice, he'll let's be honest with ourselves it's more times than I can count because sometimes the pressure mounts like a never ending rain cloud dark and gloomy my thoug...
10 months ago
I supped in the bowels of society and dined with the beggars and thieves, but made a promise to one who was honest and told me I shan't stay there, that I shall overcome my demons and I shall sup at t...