Mariia Bashmakova

Hello! I write words and thoughts and other things. 

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The Everything-Doer
8 months ago
I am so, so young. And I am always, always running. My movements are inconstant and my mind is in too many places at once to count. It feels as though I’m nearing a climax, exploding, time crunch is o...
The Chase
9 months ago
There, in the distance, we see a glimmer of home, And we, run, scurry, stumble over our own dreams To reach out for a poorly painted picture of the light at the end of the corridor which vaguely and s...
We, 3rd Culture Kids
a year ago
It’s funny, growing up in a place that isn’t supposed to be ‘yours’, your mirror- people that do not look like you. And so I grew, my skin one colour, my mind another, my soul- something in between. W...
a year ago
His invisible hands caressed my neck and stroked the bone behind my ear. They traced beautiful words into my accepting skin and tingling mind, Every movement one of desperation, Of a desire fed by bot...
Unspoken Secrets
a year ago
Those silent, unspoken secrets. Carried by the flutter of cold fingertips and liquid eyes That melt, with the rest of the world, Oblivious. Oblivious to the sounds of the unsaid, the looks that may ha...
Little Secrets
a year ago
Everything is GREY And I'm in love With hot showers. ... White rays of sunlight Playfully stroked the emerald waves, TURNING THEM TO GOLD. ... The clock ticked away The TIME TO INFINITY, Leaving behin...