Maribel Sandoval

Enjoys lighting flames in beautiful souls.


Servant to the world 

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3 months ago
I love you But times I feel like I’m holding onto nothing I love you But times I reach out and get nothing You love me But why do you make me feel alone You love me But why are you always on your phon...
Half of Me
3 months ago
It’s time to let go of what isn’t for me To take things as they are and not for what they seem For along time, I’ve held on to what could be But now I understand that this is how it’s gonna be It’s ti...
Palms of Sand
3 months ago
My father once said to me, “Marry a man that has palms of coarse sand” A woman can never go hungry with a man with palms of sand Because the feel of his hands will tell you how hard he is willing to w...