Malai Sporner

Hi, my names Timberly but I go by malai. I like to call my self an amateur photographer and writer. I've written stories and poems majority of my life, and I've come to love every one of my pieces, and I hope you do as well. 

Dear Society
4 months ago
Dear society, Hi, It's me... That little girl you told not to wear baggie tees and shorts too short because it's not "ladylike". The girl who wanted to be a unicorn princess and live in a castle made ...
A Poem About A Girl
9 months ago
There once was a girl with pretty blonde hair. She had a smile that could light up the night sky. and a personality that could kill you in an instant. Her eyes were as pretty as the ocean. She was as ...
9 months ago
You came into my life unexpectedly, Like rain on a hot summer's day. like the fresh dewy air in the early mornings of spring. Like the first goosebump of a cool winter's night. You made me see the wor...
Explaining My Anxiety
9 months ago
Anxiety... A simple seven letter word that might not mean much to you. but for me, it's this chain and brick, pulling me just deep enough under the water that only my hands break the surface. Letting ...
At 3 in the Morning
9 months ago
At 3 in the morning... The world is quiet. The moon is the only source of light, and everything is still. It's like I am the only one left on this terrible cruel earth. and I love it. I'm safe, It's q...
I Fell For
9 months ago
I fell for you, The way a leaf falls on a cold Autumn morning. Fast and Unexpected. There where mornings filled with Coffee and Breakfast in bed. Nights filled with deep conversations, that made my he...