Maisie Rapp

NYC/Baltimore based poetry and nonfiction writer.

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Did I Say That Already?
8 months ago
I don’t know how to talk about drug use without sounding cliché I don’t know when the time is or where to find the place I was high when my dad called “just calling to hear your voice, love you, miss ...
10 months ago
Cutting between your teeth, I am candy floss. My sugars soak, in the gaps of your gums. The bulb of a tulip hovers over the ground. Grass lilts in the breeze, twists its spine, and sighs. A hand made ...
On Kanye and Anorexia
10 months ago
Kanye West’s mother died in Hollywood about nine years, eighteen days, and nineteen hours ago. She had gone through liposuction and breast reduction surgery that her first plastic surgeon had advised ...