Maia Stone

23 | Queer | Poet | BLM | Cali

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7 months ago
This year, Spring came in early February Sun shining, Trees blossoming before their time Even though this probably means Something is going wrong, I feel at one with this mistake. It feels good to kno...
7 months ago
She took every step out of the house As a public declaration of something that didn't exist. Every door a closet to emerge from. What was simple to me was revelation to her. I watched her mistake sex ...
Already Yours
7 months ago
It isn't Jamie It isn't Nina It isn't Sara It isn't any of the girls You wanted and couldn't have. It isn't any of the girls You had and lost. It's the girl you fall asleep with And wake to When you'r...
7 months ago
I am letting a new life happen to me. Performing pride In the face of shame Choosing hope In the face of despair. I spent a short lifetime Always thinking it was already too late. Every moment a confi...