Maelyn Jeffers


I am just a person who has been through a lot and dying to get my everyday thoughts out with words. 

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Thoughts of the Past
2 months ago
Thoughts of the past Thoughts of the past are keeping me awake Thoughts of the past make me want to scream about the pain in my soul Thoughts of the past make me question my sanity Thoughts of the pas...
My Own Company
6 months ago
Talking to myself Talking about the past Talking about the future Not judging myself for my thoughts Talking to myself I am my own company Keeping myself up at night with my own thoughts When no one i...
I Remember
6 months ago
I Remember When I remember I was six and was just a little girl who had no idea my life was going to be so cold. I remember hearing banging and crying in the room, while the monster threw my older sis...