madigan tennity

just another sad stoner who writes too much

Empty Plate
4 months ago
listen, i know that most days the dinner table is a minefield and every step is a near miss or a stumble and fall or another bomb going off. i know that safety is often only found under the covers wit...
Do Not Romanticize Eating Disorders
4 months ago
there is nothing beautiful about graying hair falling out constantly, waking up to a full head of hair but losing chunks in the shower there is nothing beautiful about crying, crying so hard that you ...
Bodies on the Pavement
4 months ago
the coffin was made of cedar and so is your bed frame, but this time they are not the same thing. this time the dead girl stays in the right one and you fall asleep unhaunted. this time tomorrow keeps...
Neverland Is Something About Us
4 months ago
you love dialogue. classic movie manuscript soul, you lace your lips with elegance. you dance with passion and exhale with a lightness that brings spring to her knees. you hate human sheep’s philosoph...
Muscle Memory
4 months ago
a thinspo site uses my weight in the Before picture and i remember exactly when things hurt the most. the nights spent watching food network on the elliptical, learning to associate kitchens with burn...
4 months ago
In this world, being young means being labeled as stupid and reckless, slut shaming girls who wear shorts and telling rape jokes is OK, loving someone of the same gender is wrong but discriminating ag...