Maccy Tovey

22 year old whom for my age has been through things I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. I love to write and have always wanted to allow people to see/read my work. The words I write are from the heart and all based on true events. 

You and Me Are Just Like Poetry
a year ago
From the ends of the earth, To the depths of the sea; There's no one else I'd ask to be with me. To share the sight of the stary night sky, Contently watching the hours pass by. Looking out onto the m...
Feelings to Words: An Expression of Pain
a year ago
I don't know what happened to me. I used to be so free and happy. Now I'm just alone and feeling crappy. As life went on, They all vanished; They've got their lives, from which I'm banished. Isn't it ...
A Fraction of the Battle
a year ago
Don't know where I am right now Feel like I've lost myself Trapped inside my lonely mind Thoughts screaming at me through the night Held hostage in this nothing The silence is so deafening This senten...
Through Our Eyes, Hear Us
a year ago
In this democracy It seems to be Full of bull shit and hypocrisy Keep running your mouth Just spit it out What's your point to be? You're just telling me That I can't be free I can try But before my t...
Saviour of My Soul
a year ago
Scrunched up firmly in a ball, I throw them on the embers. In every flicker, of the flame, Evaporating all the shame. Now all that's left, is the ash, Of the ghosts that once possessed me. Then you lo...
If My Heart Could Speak
a year ago
My heart beats, Only with the mear thought, Of the passion that lies within you. For it be you, That is the key, To keep my heart alive. First, Quench my thirst, With nothing but your love. See, Not t...