M.H. Dillinger

I like to write science fiction stories, poetry, make music, and eat vegan food.

Twitter: @MH_Dillinger

Instagram: @mhdillinger

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8 months ago
Walls of God digitize. Sunday sermons digitize. Congregations stay home with God on the iPhone. Sunday becomes work for some. The collectivism of the four walls no longer sells. Pastors run under them...
Thurlow And West Georgia
9 months ago
Leave me alone in my 62-story heaven, Let me look below and drown in crypto. I want to leave the house this year. Let me discard my fear this year. Won't be beneficial if I stay here any longer. Let m...
10 months ago
Unlike my kin, I have felt the air under me. It happened when humans placed a head of their own on my shell. They cuddled me in ticking metal and changed my scene. Now here I am in the desert with a h...